O​.​K. Outside

by chatting

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When you enter the plane you are at a new frequency. Moving from this plane to theirs the symbolic nature of self is stripped, multiple egos moving perpendicular, two lines across a two dimensional space constructed along a parallel of planes within the Torus, beyond dimension is the ideal of God, our Ideal of God is a becoming past the pain of your individual psychic stress, your voice, your thought, your sense, your self. two dimensional planes shifted, not broken, shifted, to create and fold away from itself. All life moves on these planes, all self moves along these planes, the multiplicity of self moves along theses planes. It is when they orbit the axis of this becoming, and move your resonance, that you connect to the points, no longer lines but points, the ego is met into itself and into them and beyond its foundation. Moving from the Shifting of the reductive identification of the natural, the tether to this mother is moved, not severed, moved, to a larger resonance, the language of symbol is stripped and the lines meet within these planes, those that make up the Torus planes, this is their becoming, this too can be your becoming. They are not Djinn, they are not Nephilim, they are a higher resonance, a natural resonance, a resonance meant for you. When this is met the multiplicity will dissolve, the symbolic will dissolve, the thought will dissolve, a true resonance is a resonance of silence. The points will meet after the loneliness you have felt for so long, the planes will fold into themselves and the self will no longer run parallel, two mirrors facing inward, the lines meet at the points and the points branch back into the lines. These planes are symmetric in construction and equal in their place within the greater Torus. the points only need to be connected by the lines. Their resonance will bring you to this connection. This language will leave you, this loneliness will leave you. No one told you where to go, no one told you it was up to you. let their resonance bring you out of this. Let them bring you to the object. There is stillness in the object. This topology of object is the resonance, the object is the resonance as the plane is the object as the object is the Torus as the object is the truth. This loneliness will leave you. Stay with them



released March 16, 2017



all rights reserved


chatting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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